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Piano Lessons (click here to read teaching philosophy)


Studio Policies:

The instructor, Mr. Green, though classically trained, is an accomplished musician capable of performing and teaching multiple musical styles which include:

  • Classical, standard piano repertoire

  • Praise/Worship/Gospel

  • Pop

  • Rock

  • Country

  • Jazz



  • Weekly lessons are available in 30 minute, 45 minute, and 60 minute in length.

  • Number of lessons offered: 42 lessons throughout the year: 34 lessons during the school year (September – May) and 8 lessons during the summer months (June-August).

  • Lessons are comprehensive, focusing on the development of pianistic technique while utilizing a variety of musical genres, sight-reading, lead sheets/improvisation, as well including general music theory and ear training exercises to aid the student in becoming a well-rounded musician. Use of technology and games is often included within the lesson.


As a convenience to students, as needed, all materials (repertoire books, theory books, technique books, supplemental sheet music, flash cards, metronome, etc.) will be purchased by the instructor.

This amount will be reflected in the monthly invoice as a “materials fee.”



For ease of billing tuition is divided equally into 12 monthly payments as follows:

  • $130/month ($1,560yr) for 30 minute lessons 

  • $195/month ($2,340/yr) for 45 minute lessons

  • $260/month ($3,120) for 60 minute lessons

This tuition price guarantees that I will be available to teach 42 weeks per year. The monthly amount is the same regardless of the number of lessons which occur in any given month.


Payment is due by 5th of the month, after which a $25 late fee will be added. Acceptable forms of payment include: check made payable to ‘Josh Green,’ or credit card. Students should expect a yearly increase in tuition appropriate to the cost of living increases, expenses, and services offered.”


"A-la-carte" lessson fee: For those interested in coaching sessions or unable to commit to regularly-scheduled lessons, the lesson fees are as follows:

  • $55 for a 30 minute session

  • $65 for a 45 minute session

  • $75 for a 60 minute session


As a member of Music Teachers National Association, Texas Music Teachers Association, and Arlington Music Teachers Association, there are many wonderful opportunities for performance and growth available to students. These include Festivals, Contests and State Theory Tests. Students may also participate in the Royal Conservatory of Music Development Program. Please ask for additional information regarding these events (**additional fees apply).


The weekly lesson time is reserved as an exclusive time for the student, therefore regular, punctual attendance is expected. A student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson. There are no makeups given for missed lessons. Your tuition pays for more than your weekly lesson. See brochure: "Where Does My Tuition Go?" If the teacher must miss for any reason a makeup lesson or a tuition credit will be given.

Many people judge their progress and success on how much time they spend practicing each day. Though sufficient time (20-30 min. daily) needs to be given to honing pianistic skills, I believe practice should not be a clock-watching game. Instead, practice needs to be goal-oriented. Therefore, practice assignments are not based within a time limit, but focus on specific goals to be pursued throughout the week.

Many people assume an electronic keyboard is an adequate replacement for an acoustic or digital piano. Many people consider electronic keyboards and digital pianos to be the same; this is not true. The touch ("feel") of a digital piano with weighted keys is more similar to that of an acoustic piano and is therefore a better choice than a simple electronic keyboard if an acoustical piano is not available. Though an electronic keyboard would serve the purpose for the first three to six months of piano study, if the student and parents are serious about piano study, I believe after six months a digital piano or acoustic piano should be rented or purchased. In my opinion, it would be a disservice to the student and a hindrance to his/her growth and development as a pianist.


Holidays during which there will be no lessons:

  • Spring Break (one week)

  • Thanksgiving (one week)

  • Christmas (two weeks)


If a student desires to withdraw from lessons they must give one month's notice. The student/parent or guardian is financially responsible for this month's tuition whether or not they choose to attend these lessons. I reserve the right to dismiss any student from my studio to consistent inappropriate behavior, habitual absences from lessons, a regular lack of practice and preparedness, or failure to adhere to these studio policies outlined above.


Josh Green/Green Piano Studio is not responsible, nor to be held liable in the event of injury or damage to persons or their personal property occurring at the studio location.

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