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What others are saying:


  • "Josh Green was a fantastic piano teacher! I took lessons from him for two years when I was in elementary school. The method of instruction that I received was very hands on and helpful. It made me excited to play piano! 11 Years later, I still have passion for playing and that is all thanks to the lessons that I received from Josh Green. Excellent!" - Briana T., student


  • "Josh is encouraging and wonderful at helping the student with whatever area they struggle with guiding them to keep trying take it slow. Our daughter was very encouraged and would practice without us asking." -KC C., parent


  • "Josh taught my son how to play piano and that skill and his respect of Josh rates as one of the defining moments in his life. Josh not only taught him the skill, he encouraged Philip in his love for music and would often go out of his way to procure some sheet music that would appeal to Philip. This was years ago before the internet made everything so accessible. Josh had to go physically out of his way to do this. To this date I appreciate and am so grateful that the teacher we chose was Josh Green." -Betty T., parent

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