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GREEN PIANO STUDIO                     
Joshua D. Green, MM, NCTM
*Nationally Certified Teacher of Music

PCA of Mansfield Music Lessons Information:





Welcome:  Welcome to Green Piano Studio at PCA!  It is our desire to offer a course of study in which the musical gifts the Lord has given your child can be discovered, nurtured, and expressed.  We will be teaching your child a comprehensive study of technique, theory, and performance, in an atmosphere of loving and positive encouragement.  These policies are designed to help communicate what our program offers and the goals we hope to reach.


Enrollment:  Students enroll for an entire semester, not on a weekly or monthly basis, and our fees reflect that. Any student dropping mid-semester will be asked to pay for the remainder of the semester.  Please make sure you explain to your child that they are making a four-and-one-half-month commitment.  Learning to play a musical instrument is an activity that requires time and regular practice.  We recommend that in order to see if your child is going to do well with music lessons, that you try them at least until Christmas or even better until the end of the first year when they receive awards for their hard work.  There are exceptions to every policy and we will work with you depending on your individual situation, but we do ask that you understand that you are enrolling your child for the semester.


Lessons:  Weekly Lessons will be 30 minutes long.  Students will be allowed to come to lessons during physical education, recess, study hall, music, and lunch.


Tuition:  Tuition is $450.00 per semester.  This fee is based on 4 lessons per month, at $100.00 per month.  There is no extra charge for months with 5 lessons, nor is there a reduction for months with holidays. The $100.00 per month includes $5.00 per month ($22.50 per semester) which is collected by Pantego Christian Academy for a building usage fee for each student.


There are two payment options:


  • By the Semester:  $450.00 per semester (includes building usage fee)   

1st semester due by the first lesson in September

2nd semester due by the first lesson in January


  • Monthly:  $100.00 per month (includes building usage fee), with payments due by the 7th of each month.

Payments received later than the 10th of the month will be charged a $5.00 late fee.


Materials:  The Registration/Materials Fee pays for all supplies, flash cards, books, and sheet music that the students will be using during the year.


                        Piano and Guitar materials fee            $75.00 per year



Absences:  Excused absences are only those absences for which the teacher has been notified in advance.  If your child will be absent from school or taking a field trip on lesson day, you must notify the lesson teacher at home before 8:30 A.M.   If the teacher is not notified of the child’s absence, the absence is unexcused and will not be made up.


Make-up Lessons: Make-up lessons will be arranged for any excused absence or absence of the teacher.  You will be notified of the date and time of the lesson.  If your child forgets to attend his make-up lesson, another make-up will not be scheduled.


Forgetting Music: Occasionally, a student may forget his music on the day of his lesson.  If this happens, your child should still go to his or her lesson, where he will work on a special theory lesson with his teacher.


Practice Time: Students are required to practice on a regular weekly basis as determined by the individual teacher.  It is the joint responsibility of the student and the parents to see that this is accomplished.  All students must have a working practice instrument in the home.  The instrument must be properly maintained and in tune. Please make sure that your child maintains the proper posture during practice sessions.


As Teachers: We agree to continue our education through private study and the attendance of music courses and workshops.  We will stay active in professional organizations in order to use their opportunities for the benefit of our students.  We will prepare the lessons in logical sequence and organize the material so that the student can understand the concepts involved.  We will expose the students to a variety of musical styles while striving to find music they enjoy.  We will keep the parents informed of the progress that their student is making by writing short notes, making phone calls, or holding conferences when needed.


As Parents: You need to recognize that music study requires consistent practice.  You will need to help your child organize his or her time so that practicing can be accomplished with a minimum of conflicts at a time when the fatigue level is low.  You will need to read their assignments weekly, see that they keep a record of practice time, and that any written work is finished.  Please encourage your child to participate in recitals, festivals, and the theory test, if applicable.  You will need to reimburse the teacher for any fees involved in these events.  You must alert the teacher to problems that develop at home and ask when there are questions concerning lessons.


As Students: You need to understand that you are agreeing to study this instrument for a whole semester, and that you will progress.  Try to remember to practice without having to be reminded.  If you find that you don't understand something, call the teacher for an explanation rather than go all week without practicing correctly.  There may be times when you will not be prepared, but go to your lesson cheerfully, ready to learn.

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